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What is Biotechnology? Its Importance and Applications in Today’s World

The world we live in has been suffering for so long and mankind is facing a huge problem regarding the overuse of natural resources. The energy we have derived from these resources is diminishing and is now gravely endangered for future use. Not only this, but sudden changes in our environment brought calamities and disasters that leave marks for a lifetime. We have abused our nature in clever ways.

It is odd to know that most of the people, though being educated, are not aware of the importance of biotechnology in almost every aspect of our society, though it is crystal clear that its scientific value has been predicted for a long time to inspire the future generations. It is quite certain that human existence and survival in the future depend on the development and rapid progress of biotechnology.

Biotechnology is the life science that most importantly deals with the study of living organisms. It is an application of biology and various other techniques to alter or modify products for particular human use. Biotechnology is also recognized as biological technology.

It is a study in biology that is broadly used in engineering, medicine, science and technology, agriculture and many other valuable forms of applications. Biotechnology can be used as a great solution to the struggles of mankind. So, what is it all about? To be precise, it is simply an applied principles of chemistry, physics and engineering included into biological structure.

Biotechnology- Its importance of in human life

Biotechnology plays a crucial role in the welfare of human being and has reformed mankind since its existence. It contributes a lot to the well-being of human beings and their health needs.

Some of the contribution are listed below:

1) Biotechnology in Agriculture

Biotechnological application in agriculture helps in improving the quality, quantity and processing of food products. Bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides are eco-friendly sources for agriculture that contain the living microorganisms that help in encouraging growth by rising the supply or accessibility of primary nutrients. Nowadays, farmers choose biotech crops to increase yield and reduce production costs.

2) Biotechnology in medicine

Biotechnology is extensively used in medicines. It is used for the development of various innovative techniques to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases. It helps in providing effective treatments and preventive measures for various diseases by inventing novel drugs and recombinant vaccines.

The therapeutic proteins have a greater effect against a range of non-communicable diseases, which was responsible for over 50-60% of deaths in developing countries.

Many advanced diagnostic tools have been introduced to detect diseases quickly and accurately with the help of biotechnology.

3) Biotechnology in flora and fauna

The process of micropropagation, a new method of plant breeding is developed with the application of biotechnology. This process helps to produce many new species of plants and new varieties with highly desirable characteristics.

The production of genetically modified plants with highly desirable traits is very effective. These plants result from the modification of the genetic makeup of the plants and this modification leads to a number of impending benefits including crop production, crop quality, increased nutritional properties of food crops, improved taste, texture or appearance of food, reduced reliance on fertilizers, pesticides and other agrochemicals and many more.

Biotechnology has broad application in animal husbandry. Numerous transgenic animals have been produced to transfer growth hormones and improve the effectiveness of egg, meat and milk production.

4) Biotechnology in the environment

Biotechnology is also engaged in controlling environmental pollution through biodegradation of possible pollutants, reprocessing of waste and other waste treatment technologies.

Biotechnology plays an important role in scrutinizing and controlling environmental pollution through biological applications like bioremediation, biomonitoring, biotreatment and biodegradation of all solid, liquid and gaseous wastes. Apart from these, there are several other biotechnological treatments, which are used to monitor the various components of the environment.

5) Biotechnology in human health and well-being

Biotechnology has played a vital role in improving the challenges related to human health and its wellbeing. There are different research and investigative processes that are being carried out to develop the future technologies to be used for improving human health.