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Significance of Python and Why You Should Learn Python This Year?

Have you ever heard about python? If not, then it is time to read about it. Python is a programming language that has seen tremendous growth in demand and popularity. It is already there for more than 30 years but in the last 4-5 years, it got its pace in the programming world. You can notice the rise of Python as many popular developer communities like StackOverFlow and CodeAcademy have mentioned the growth of Python as a major programming language. So, here are some of the most relevant and valid reasons to get started with Python.

Simple Syntax

Python’s syntax is very easy to learn as it is quite similar to the English language. Even if you are new to coding, you can learn Python easily. The indentations that are characterized in the syntax also make this programming language easy to read. With a thorough understanding, you can do a lot. Those who know other programming languages can easily grasp this one quickly.

Quite in Demand

Data scientists are quite in demand are and well paid. This is one of the major reasons why you should learn Python. They work in exciting jobs and enjoy data visualization, predictive modeling, programming skills, and so on. The professional field is quite diverse and interesting for scientists with statistical knowledge.

Great Resources

As python is not something new, it has a comprehensive standard library and numerous other libraries. Due to the large user base and age of the programming language, there are a wide number of resources that can help you easily solve the codes. It is perfect for machine learning, game development, or even web/app development. Language is now playing an important role in different technological fields.

Community is Quite Large

The large Python community is one of the other reasons why you should pursue this language. It is open-source, which means you can theoretically access anything that concerns the language. A big user base means that there are good forums for almost all the questions and someone might help you whenever you are stuck somewhere.

Flexible and Extensible

Python provides much needed flexibility, scalability as well as extensibility. As it is a cross-platform language, it works effectively on different platforms be it Windows, Linux, or macOS. This language allows the developers to perform cross-language operations easily and it can be easily integrated with Java, .NET components, or C/C++. Moreover, it is a dynamically typed language when you are not required to specify the data type while declaration.

Used for Scripting and Automation

Everyone is aware that automation is the need of the hour and Python is one of the best options when it comes to scripting and automation. The language is easily used to automate different mundane or repetitive tasks for better productivity and efficiency. You need to write the code in script format and you can easily execute it directly whenever you want.

The machine will check the errors during runtime when the code is read and interpreted. There is a wide range of tools and modules that are available with Python for different crucial automation tasks to make things easy. Some of them include Selenium Python, Robot framework, Beautiful Soup, and so on.

Salaries are Comparatively Higher

If you are a python developer, then you can earn a good salary. This language is associated with different future technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and so on, the demand for Python developers is quite high in the tech world.

Generally in India, the average salary of a mid-level Python developer is between 10-16 LPA. If you acquire some other relevant skills along with this programming language, then your salary might get higher. You can work with Google, Facebook, Amazon, or any other big company someday.


It is important to know some programming and coding in today’s time and if you don’t know then Python is a great way to start learning. For those who already know Java or C++, learning Python can provide you to have a powerful tool in your arsenal to write scripts, create a web application, and step into the world of data science or machine learning.