• Ashu Bisht

Microsoft is Coming up With Operating System Windows 11 | Features of Windows 11

Microsoft’s upcoming Operating System-Windows 11 is now leaked online and we can see a lot of changes, advanced features, apps, and performance. An event has been scheduled on 24th June by Microsoft and everybody is assuming it to be the launch date of Windows 11.

Operating system Windows 11 by Microsoft has leaked online. It brings in completely a new user interface, Start menu, and lots more. Earlier, Microsoft was planning to come up with Windows 10X but later it dropped the idea and now it has come up with its latest operating system –Windows 11. The user interface and Start menu of this new version look very similar to what was originally found in Windows 10X. Microsoft with Windows 10X, had been trying to simplify Windows for dual-screen devices, before canceling this project to finally come up with Windows 11. Visually, the biggest changes that one will notice can be found along the taskbar. Here, Microsoft has centered the app icons, cleaned up the tray area, and included a new Start button and menu.

Windows 11-Simplified version of Windows 10

The updated Start menu in Windows 11 is a simplified version of what currently exists in Windows 10, without Live Tiles. It includes pinned apps, recent files, and the feature to quickly shut down or restart Windows 11 devices. The updated start menu is quite simple in comparison to what it is in Windows 10 today.

What is new in Windows 11

Windows 11 has an option that enables you to move the Start Menu to the left side. If you do not want your apps and the Start Menu at the center, with this option you can easily move them back to the left-hand side. This version of Windows also offers you with dark mode that was also available in Windows 10, but in Windows 11, it is more refined and functional.

What Are The Features of Windows 11

  • In Windows 11, Microsoft is using rounded corners and these are visible in context menus, and around apps and the File Explorer. The Start menu itself also includes rounded corners. Since this is an early version of Windows 11 that has leaked, so it doesn’t include everything.

  • More changes are expected in the built-in apps within Windows 11, but most of those don’t appear to be present in the leaked version yet.

  • It includes a New Start Menu, Taskbar, and Search bar.

  • Several new animations are added while moving and dragging the windows. Even different animations have been used for opening a window, closing and minimize tap.

  • Built-in apps are expected to perform multitask with windows like split-screen, creating groups of various task windows, etc.

  • You will find significantly improved touch control. Windows 11 is sure to fix various problems which were in Windows 10.

  • Several new sounds are added in this version. No significant changes have been made in sounds since the release of Windows 10 in 2015. But in windows 11, you will see various new sound options. It also includes various new wallpapers.

  • You will have complete access to the dark mode.

  • New colorful icons are added making it more attractive than the earlier versions.

  • Various new widgets are also added in this version.

  • It has Microsoft store with new designs and settings. It also lets you upload you own app.

With all the updates, Windows 11 is sure to bring in better performance making you browsing smooth and easy.