• Ashu Bisht

All Google Account Holders Can Now Use Google Workspace Tools For Free

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced that the Google Workforce services will be now freely available to all users having a Google account. He also announced the collaboration tools in Chat, along with features like smart canvas at Google I/O developers conference. This feature enabled now will allow the users to take advantage of the incorporated experience in Google Workspace by turning on Rooms in Google Chat.

"Users can use it as a central place to connect, create and collaborate with other users. With the feature- smart canvas, users will be able to generate a checklist in Google Docs and promptly assign roles and next steps."

Google has also announced changes and improvements to its Workspace suite of apps and services. Workspace that was previously known as G Suite, is now free for all consumer Google accounts using services including Gmail, Docs, Chat, Drive, Calendar, etc. Google has also stated that its latest messaging app, the Google Chat, will be available for all the users having a Google account.

Google Chat, which was first announced as ‘Hangouts Chat’ in 2017, was exclusive to Google Workspace/GSuite. The tech giant is also planning to draft Google Chat service as a consumer chat app and will eventually replace Google Hangouts. Sundar Pichai took to his Twitter handle to announce that the fully integrated Google Workspace experience is now available to all Google account users. In a blog post, Google stated in detail, what the new chat service will involve.

Introducing Google WorkSpace

It will provide the facility to create Rooms collaboration space in Google Chat enabling everyone to stay up-to-date, share ideas, and keep track of all their important info in one place, from videos and pictures of their last trip, to a Google Sheet of their family's annual budget. Users can now access the facility of Google Chat through their Gmail inbox and make use of the features for free along with the new collaboration tool in Rooms. Earlier, these features were only available for the paid users, but now all Google account holders can use it for free.

In operation, Google Chat is the same as Hangouts. The major difference being that Google Chat has more modern clients than Hangouts. And unlike it, Google Chat will keep functioning for the foreseeable future. Another alteration is the launch of the Gmail interface and a new Google Chat feature called "Spaces”, is an update to Google Chat's group chat feature, formerly called "Rooms"

In the blog post, Google imprecisely mentioned that Google Chat Spaces would include new features like in-line topic threading, presence indicators, custom statuses, expressive reactions, and a collapsible view. However, it is not yet clear as to what is changing and what modifications have been made by Google.

‘Spaces’ image shows that there are some changes in the Gmail interface. The new Gmail interface is seen with a white content area and borders including the sidebar, the top search, settings space, and the right-side panel are all gray. Google in its blog post explained, “And if your project calls for a spontaneous conversation, you can present the Doc, Sheet or Slide you're working on together directly into a Google Meet call with just one click.”