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All About Kamasutra of Vatsyayana | What is Kamasutra, Art of Living, Psychology or Sex Positions?

What is Kamasutra? it is all about the art of living not only sex positions, finding the right partner, the nature of love, maintaining one’s love life, finding pleasure, harnessing the energy, and many more other concepts besides the sexual positions. It is all about sexuality, eroticism, and emotional fulfillment in life.

Kamasutra, the ancient Indian Sanskrit text has long been misunderstood, and many people are still hesitant to read the book. Authored by maharishi Vatsyayana Mallanaga, The Kamasutra is a mix of prose and anustubh-meter poetry verses. The text acknowledges the Hindu concept of Purusharthas and it tells about the philosophy of love, what triggers desire, and what sustains it. The original composition date or century in which Kamasutra is unknown but the historians have placed it between 400 BCE and 300 CE.

Kamasutra is about pleasure – the pursuit of happiness

In Hinduism Kamasutra was written in an age when women couldn’t read and write. The book was written for the man to read, making advancements, indulge in conversations, find the right woman, fulfill her desires, indulge in pleasure, give her satisfaction, win over her heart.

Earlier, to ensure the success of the kingdom, the king uses to discuss Kamasutra, as it was believed that pleasure is the success of marriage, a good relationship brings stability in life and when everyone is happy, the kingdom is stable. Vatsyayana said everything starts with a physical intimacy. While having sex, you can have the highest form of energy. You can elevate while having physical intimacy and reach God as you can create life.

Why there was a transition for Kamasutra in the mindset?

When Vatsayayan was writing the Kamasutra and the pleasure in love-making, someone somewhere in the West was writing about why sex is not appropriate. West has invaded India many times and brought different stories which changed the mindset of people. Love-making, sex, pleasure, and other such terms became taboo.

Indians were not taught about the ancient books like the Vedas, arthashastra, Kamasutra, Natya shastra, and so on and thus Kamasutra was believed that it was all about erotica or sexual positions.

The most important teaching of Kamasutra for the modern men and women

  1. Kamasutra talks about pleasure: Kamasutra is all about attaining pleasure. As it was written in Sanskrit, no bad language was used. Every part of the body was described with utter beauty. The moment you stop thinking of the words as bad, you will start liking them.

  2. There is no violence: Kamasutra gives a woman the right to equality. It encourages women the right to consent. There was no violence or hurting. Even while giving love-bite, a woman can stop a man when hurts.

  3. Men and women have different types of pleasure: It is important to understand that a man and a woman are different from each other. Their pleasure points are different. A man is like fire- takes less time to ignite and extinguish, while a woman is like water- takes more time to boil and cool down.

Guidelines For Men According to Kamasutra

  • Make yourself worthy of the women. Being rich is not good enough. You need to learn cultural arts to have a diverse personality. Women like men who acknowledge the culture and learn different types of ‘Kalas.

  • Talking about pleasure is important. Understand pleasure is not important for men only but for women too. Talk about it and ignite a conversation. But remember women don’t like abusive language or violence. There are different ways of telling the woman about your feelings. There should be code words to express things to spice up the relationship and bring intimacy.

  • Women like to talk, so the more you converse with them, the more they will like you. You need to be able to talk about different things to keep the conversation interesting.

Wisdom from the Kamasutra apart from sex positions

  1. Learn to be attractive: Everyone wants to be attractive and Kamasutra can surely help you out. The book teaches about the physical and mental needs of others and the ways of fulfilling them. It helps you understand how to set the mood for an evening or drive your partner crazy.

  2. Boosting your confidence: Kamasutra has a lot of tips to offer that can boost your confidence in your own self. It can guide you to make the personality magnetic and how to win every situation.

  3. Teaches about psychology: While reading the Kamanstrua book, you can learn a lot about psychology. It is very important to understand the psychology of the partner. The book has talked about the art of enticing the opposite sex by showing attention, the presence of mind, humor, and other things.

  4. Staying calm about sex: Sex is not taboo and exploring sexuality or fulfilling the fantasies are healthy. But getting over-excited about sex is not good and Vatsyayana has mentioned how important it is to be patient. He himself leads a life of celibacy and thus never wanted people to get over-excited about sex.

  5. Achieving liberation: According to the Hindu culture, kama or sex between consenting adults is very important for a fulfilling life. If a person understands the art of making love, it can help him to lead to the path of spirituality and ultimate liberation.

  6. Learn the four steps of making love: The Kamasutra book is divided into different sections where it teaches about the art of lovemaking. You can learn about the four steps of love that lead to perfect union. The four steps are preparation, foreplay, sexual congress, and after play.

  7. Ways of lovemaking don’t change even if everything changes: From time to technology, everything changes in the world. But over the years people have been courting each other, making love, and getting married or the rules of lovemaking haven’t changed.

  8. The equality between both the genders while making love: Kamasutra talked about every theme including gay, lesbians, midgets, and so on which is now called as LGBT community. It treats one as equal and validates their right to love and respectable life. It teaches how both the genders play equally important roles during the lovemaking session.

  9. Guides to choose the right partner: Apart from teaching many aspects f lovemaking, life, and human psychology, the book also guides you on how to choose the right partner, how to make love, and how to make yourself attractive to the opposite sex.

  10. The conversation is important to woo a woman: Looks matter when choosing a life partner or a sexual partner, but what matters for a relationship is having a good conversation. According to Kamasutra, there are 64 ‘kalas’ which a man should learn for a diverse personality and enhance the conversation.

  11. Exchanging energies: With physical intimacy, you tend to exchange your energies. When you kiss a person lip to lip while having sex, there is a circulation of energy. The sitting position is the best as it balances out the energy.

Tantra and Kamasutra

Tantra is a form of devoutness that includes many different practices and ideas. The sex positions used in Tantra are meant to guide in a divine experience and bring a quicker connection to yourself or your partner. In Tantra, the ultimate goal is to reach god. You need to understand everything around you to reach god as everything is made by god. While you learn you elevate. You become so aware that you can pick up more stimuli.

Tantra is not about sex, but it's about arousing the energy and harnessing it. Everything boils down to understanding, building up inner strength. As everything will pass but you need to learn to deal with inner strength.

What are the benefits of Couple meditation?

Anything, which you and your partner do together and enjoy, will increase physical intimacy. Couple meditation is the best way to find inner peace together and release positive energy which is also best for your mental health. However, it is not limited to couple meditation only. You can perform other tasks too like cooking, gardening, playing games, painting and so on.

To create a balance, both partners sit in the mirror position to complete each other. It is followed by calming the breath and performing different yoga positions. Meditating together can build up arousal. There are only a few people who understand it or can teach it properly.

Role of intoxication

According to Kamasutra, a couple of drinks is good. It is said two glasses of red wine or something equivalent is perfect. Nothing more is advisable. Exercise and healthy food can help in having good sex. It is also said that having a meal after sex is better than having a meal before sex.

5 steps to keep women happy according to the Kamasutra

1. Understand how the other person thinks: Men need to understand that their partner is not them so their mindset is completely different. You need to be in their shoes to make them happy.

2. Think about this as something that can benefit you: If you need to do something for your partner, then you have to think about the benefits you will gain. Don’t do any favors on her. Don’t think about others but your relationship.

3. Most women like the idea of conversation: If you want to keep your woman happy, talk to her more. Be it text, messages, love letters, email, or a call, you can do anything to make the women feel special. If you are not good at talking, then you can use text messages for your benefit. You can formulate the perfect message to flirt.

4. Develop some interest to talk about: If you have to talk to your women, you need to develop some interest to talk about. If you don’t have limited topics, then the conversation will turn boring.

5. Communication is important: To understand your partner, it is important to have good communication. If you are confused about what your partner likes or not, it is better to ask her or talk to her about a topic to understand what’s in their mind.

Bottom Line

So this is the all about Kamasutra has been regarded as a book about sex positions but it is much more than that. It is a guide on the art of living and love virtuously as it teaches about the philosophy and nature of love, family life, etiquette, self-care, the practices of various arts, grooming, what triggers desire, how to satisfy your partner, balancing feminine and masculine energies and much more.

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