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8 Interesting Themes Which Bollywood Should Attempt Instead of Love Stories

There is no denying that Bollywood is in our hearts. However, Bollywood tends to let us down. While some moviemakers have tried to come up with some unique stories, some still stick to the tried and tested formula of masala movies. There are quite newfound topics that Bollywood should venture into.

"Lately, we have seen many independent writers and directors’ work towards a change. With hope for better movies, here are some of the untouched themes that Bollywood should be filming around soon."

1) End-of-the-world

If Hollywood can think about end-of-the-world concepts, then why can’t Bollywood. There are unlimited possibilities of creating movies with this theme, as we don’t know what lies in the future. There are many ways of approaching an end-of-the-world subject such as zombies, global warming, no water or oxygen, or maybe some virus?

2) Psychological Thrillers

Bollywood has never surprised us with a good psychological thriller movie. With Hollywood movies paving their way to the Oscars, it is quite disappointing to see ourselves keeping a safe distance from this interesting topic. When it comes to understanding the human mind, Bollywood can explore and come with many amazing stories about psychological thrillers.

3) Loneliness

Loneliness is another subject that Bollywood should explore. The dark and dingy corners of a lonely mind can bring out different ideas for Bollywood. In this pandemic, a lot of people have gone through loneliness and thus Hindi cinema can surely pick up some ideas and bring out some classic movies.

4) Transgenders

Transgenders don’t get the attention they deserve. They are a part of society and they should be highlighted more in the movies. As India has a significant transgender population, our film industry needs to shout out their daily struggles for everyday survival.

5) Single parent

The struggle of a single parent, especially in India is unimaginable. There are few movies that have highlighted the beauty of single parent and child relationship; however, there is a lot to explore, as with the increase of divorce cases, single parent and child relationship is a beautiful topic to show the world. We would like Bollywood to see the beauty of this relationship.

6) Time Travel

Who doesn’t want to go back in time? Time travel is another interesting topic which you should cover. It is just sad that the country that produces a wide range of movies, but never makes movies with topics such as time travel. It is another great topic for the directors to explore.

7) Courtroom drama

There is a lot one can do around the setting of a courtroom. We have seen some good movies, which are based on court scenes, but Bollywood can explore different ideas and come up with some interesting movies.

8) Racism

Racism is another important topic of discussion as we are a part of an imperfect world. We see a lot of racism around us with time and Bollywood should take this topic and see the good and the bad side of it. When we talk about movies, racism is the last thing that comes to our mind, but showing it to the world might change the mindset.

Bollywood is worldwide well known for its love stories and comedy movies but now there is a change in public's taste. So, these were some of the interesting topics which Bollywood has not explored properly yet. It’s time to bring some changes and come out with some stimulating movies.