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7 Home Remedies that work amazingly Pain, Cholesterol, Digestion, Blood Sugar etc.

You might have used a home remedy at some point. Maybe it was your mother or grandmother who made you aware of them. There are many spices available in your kitchen that can do the magic and help you heal easily. Be it herbal tea for cold or carom seeds for digestion, these spices are never going to let you down and they are backed by science as well. So, here are some home remedies you should use whenever needed.

Turmeric: Pain and inflammation

Turmeric is available in everyone’s kitchen. It is generally added to bring beautiful color to the food but it has been used primarily in South Asia as a part of Ayurvedic medicine for many decades. When it comes to medicinal purposes, this yellow spice is best to treat pain or inflammation.

“Turmeric contains the chemical curcumin which is responsible for turmeric’s benefits. Add turmeric to hot milk and drink every night before going to bed and you will be good to go.”

Ginger: Pain and Nausea

Having ginger when you have a cold, sore throat, or experiencing nausea is quite common. Ginger worked as an anti-inflammatory ingredient too. The next time you have a little headache, cut a piece of ginger and bite slowly, swallowing the juices. You can also try ginger tea. To make ginger tea, boil 2 cups of water, add half an inch of grated raw ginger and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Add lemon juice and honey for taste. If you are a vegan, you can avoid honey or use any other sweetener. The anti-inflammatory effects of ginger come without the risks of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Eucalyptus oil: Pain relief

Eucalyptus oil is good for pain relief. Eucalyptus oil has a component called 1 8-cineole that may help relieve pain. If you are a eucalyptus oil fan, then you’re in luck. It has been shown to relieve body pains even after inhaling it. Those who have chest congestion can try eucalyptus oil. However, this oil is not meant for everyone as it can trigger asthma and may be harmful to pets. It also leads to respiratory distress in infants.

Peppermint: Digestion

Peppermint is commonly used to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. This ingredient can be found easily but it has mystic benefits of curing different problems. According to a research a research on peppermint, it helps in reducing diarrhea, abdominal pain, and spasms which are associated with IBS. It activates an anti-pain channel in the colon that also reduced inflammatory pain in the digestive tract.

Green tea: Antioxidants

Green tea is one of the comforting drinks that does more than just keeping you awake and alert. It is one of the best sources of powerful antioxidants which are beneficial for your body. The antioxidants can protect your cells from damage and help you fight diseases. It can even lower your odds of different diseases.

Garlic: Lowers cholesterol

Bad cholesterol is the reason behind many heart-related diseases. Having garlic cloves every day can lower down blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels. According to a research on garlic has the potential to reduce total cholesterol up to 30 mg per dL. Garlic tastes better than butter when simmered in olive oil and used as a spread on bread or pitas. It is a whole lot healthier.

Cinnamon: Controls blood sugar

Cinnamon is another common ingredient that is found in every household these days. This magical kitchen ingredient can help control blood sugar for people who have prediabetes or diabetes. But there is no evidence that it does anything for a medical condition. However, avoid large doses as it can be bad for the liver.