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6 AI-Powered Devices That are Worth the Investment to Make Life Easy

Artificial intelligence is changing the world rapidly. Now you can come across a wide range of devices, which makes tasks quite easy. Moreover, they surprise us with their unique intelligence. In the future, we’ll see the emergence of AI-powered devices in industry verticals. It is just going to lives simpler, better, and more efficient.

1) OrCam MyEye 2 Wearable Vision Assistant

The most thoughtful gadget, OrCam MyEye 2 Wearable Vision Assistant is made for those who are visually impaired or those who face trouble while reading. This can be retrofitted to any pair of specs. Using AI-powered smart camera technology, helps the users to see in the best possible way. The camera inbuilt clicks a photo and transmits that information audibly to the user. If it comes across any printed text, it instantly read that as well to the user.

2) Vi-The Personal Trainer

It is one of the first personal trainers which is living in bio-sensing earphones. Yes, you read it right. The headphones come with a wide range of features which makes the fitness regime motivating and exciting. It coaches the user towards the goals in real-time with the favorite music playing in the background and on their schedule.

It can sense the distance, step rate, and heart rate in real-time and tailor the workouts based on how the user is performing. The sensors help this device understand the user better than a human personal trainer.

3) ChiPK9 Robot Dog

If you always want to have a dog but your mom doesn’t allow it because of pet dander or maybe the number of work he adds to your mom’s routine, you can now buy ChipK9 Robot Dog. Developed by WowWee, CHiP is an AI-powered robot dog that won’t feel like you don’t have a real one.

It is equipped with advanced sensors and it can be trained appropriately, thus no two chips are the same. It can fetch, greet, learn simple commands and even play with you like a real dog. It also includes some cutting-edge technology such as heightened situational awareness, makes gesture-based interactions, and so on.

4) Leka

It is an interactive robotic companion for children with special needs. It is a sphere-shaped device and is equipped with a wide range of features. The children can play games that are designed to be educational as well as engaging. It can help the children engage in conversations helping them to understand communication and social interaction.

The device is connected and controlled with an iPad. With robotics and play, Leka demonstrates great potential in helping the children to learn in a better way.

5) Mycroft

With Mycroft, you can make your home artificial intelligence-enabled. This little device responds to spoken commands as well as communicates with other devices so you can manage your home easily. From waking you up to locking up your door, Mycroft is there to help you out. To activate, you need to call his name and command anything. If you have multiple devices, then Mycroft can help you communicate with them with the speakerphone feature.

6) LeEco Smart Bicycle

LeEco Smart Bicycle is another AI-based interesting invention as it makes cycling more practical. The inbuilt features include fitness tracking tools, GPS navigation, video streaming, and so on. The bike is customized for fitness freaks and allows them to communicate with other bikers through the built-in walkie-talkie feature.

The users can also log their bike rides and their location can be easily tracked through a connected app. Moreover, the bike is capable of automatically alerting the users every time the security alarm goes off.

Apart from these phenomenal gadgets, there are more that are equipped with artificial intelligence. The list is quite long so, switch on to the new world of technology and make your life simpler, easier and faster.