• Ashu Bisht

5 Best Home Security Systems to Install to Protect Your Family

Home security is one of the major concerns in India. As the need for security is growing, we can see some amazing products in the market with innovative features for all-around surveillance. With so much burglary, theft, and robbery happening around, I can guess that you are also worried about the level of safety and security of your home or business. So, here are some interesting home security devices which you should invest in.

1) Godrej High Definition 720P full CCTV camera kit

“The high-definition surveillance system from Godrej enables one to keep a tight vigil on the home, office, or the nearby premises. It can be used as an outdoor wireless security camera system too.”

Let’s check out the features:-

  • Video Recording Resolution: 720P

  • Colour: White

  • For Indoor, Outdoor Use

  • Hybrid Digital Video Recorder- Supports both Analog & IP Cameras

  • 1080P HD Resolution DVR and Camera

  • Real-Time Recording for all cameras

  • Hard Drive to store of recording

2) Qubo Smart Indoor Camera

Qubo Smart Indoor Camera is one of the top-notch CCTV cameras for homes with mobile connectivity. This camera is AI-enabled and it is not only a security gadget but also a smart home hub that lets you do a lot of other things too. It has Amazon Alexa in-built which means you can easily voice command it to play different videos, music, check the weather, and so on. This small little device also has a face recognition feature and you can easily get custom alerts for different members. This device is also perfect when used as a baby monitoring camera.


  • AI-Powered Features

  • Alexa built-in

  • Smart Hub

  • Live remote monitoring

  • 3.2MP Camera with 1080p video recording

  • Two-way calling

  • 2GB RAM

  • Light in weight

3) Wireless anti-theft door security system

It is one of the best wireless door and window open alert alarm security systems by Navkar Systems and perfect for home and office use. It has an amazing ear-piercing sound that can make you alert if there is any sort of unwanted intrusion on doors or windows. It is very convenient to set up. All you need to do is select the door and window where you want to set it up and stick it to the surface.


  • Can add more sensors if required

  • Long-distance listen-in/arm/disarm function

  • Intelligent identification can pre-store 5 groups of the alarm phone number

  • 1-year warranty

  • Good battery backup

4) VelVeeta Metal Anti-Theft Burglar Pad Security Alarm Lock

VelVeeta has come up with an interesting anti-theft padlock. There is a built-in alarm, which will produce a loud sound when the lock is hit by something or it’s shaken. MCU core procedures, high-tech integrated circuit, and digital sensor chip make this product perfect to keep your bicycle, motorbike, or even your home safe from theft.


· Universal Alarm Padlock 110db Siren

· Corrosion Resistant; Waterproof

· Suitable for all weather conditions

· Two settings: one with alarm, the other without.

· It can be used on the door, window, bicycle, container, motorbike, tricycle, pull gate, garden, etc.

5) Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems Locks Advantis 5259 ABS

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems have come up with Godrej Advantis, which is a hi-tech digital lock with RFID Technology 5259. It is one of the best locking devices as it can set 4-12 digits password for the enhanced password strength, wherein the RFID card registers up to 100 cards for multiple user access.


  • A beep sound alert for low battery indication

  • Take care of the privacy

  • RFID or password

  • Multi-level volume control

  • Adjustable Spycode

  • Mechanical key