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Whatsup Guru provides the daily dose of information, news, reviews, and scoops to our readers. We believe, reading more is possibly the best way to ascend your wisdom, thus top-notch content is being curated by our smart and savvy editorial team. Run passionately, the team at Whatsup Guru is committed to bringing the best out of a digital publishing platform for people and businesses interested in the areas of technology, health, politics, entertainment and a lot more. Tons of readers, enthusiasts and think tanks turn to us when it comes to satiate their desire for deep understanding of assorted topics.


We are a comprehensive portal that covers all the latest developments offering you a perspective of different fields. Stay tuned with us to keep abreast of the latest and genuine news about things going around. We believe in covering a story in the most interesting way to keep you engaged. We have you get a potent platform for genuine newsfeed, powerful & dynamic thinking modules and authentic ideas with utmost modesty.



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Ruchira Bhattacharya is one of our bloggers hailing from New Delhi and she specializes in writing, rephrasing, proofreading, curating, editing, and managing content both for B2C and B2B clients. She received her Bachelor’s degree in English and has 10 years of experience in the content marketing industry.

Ruchira predominantly covers trending topics, local stories, news in different categories. She has worked for different industries be it health, core technologies, restaurant, travel, hospitality, education, and so on. She has the ability to manage multiple projects at once. She is goal-oriented, modest, and hardworking and has always been recognized for her commitment to client satisfaction.

Besides working for clients, Ruchira loves traveling to succumb to the beauty of nature. To rejuvenate her body, mind, and soul, she cooks delicacies not limited to Bengali cuisine. When she is not painting, she loves to spend time with her family and friends.

Ruchira Bhattacharya


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